September 25, 2017

What you're getting yourself into:

Words: 922

Reading Time: < 6 minutes

Take Away Point: Try not to make these mistakes, embrace self growth via reflection.

We all have varying degrees of narcissism expressed as pride, insecurity, lack of insight & poor self reflection. If you choose to take the Ostrich approach & bury your head in the sand your growth as a human & company is severely limited. No one has ever gone through life or business mistake free, upon reflection as my company approaches 10 ye...

September 21, 2017

What your getting yourself into:

Words: 856

Time: 5-6 minutes

Take Away Point: Your money is important, spend it on people who apply science, research & individualised health programmes.

Following on from my previous blog post calling out nurses who try to turn people away from activity, comes this post. Now if you follow sports you know who Tom Brady is. You may not know he has just released his first book:

I normally wouldn't have an issue with this. Tell us about your home life, about your childh...

September 12, 2017

What you are getting yourself into:

Words: 850

Reading Time: 5 minutes

Take away point: Your health is incredibly important. Pick and choose who you listen to wisely.

First some context, when we train or exercise our objective is to purposely stress the body to the point that we gain a positive adaptation not an injury. However, injuries are unfortunately part of living. One of my long-term clients who is approaching 50, rang me a few days after a gym session from the ER. Her shoulder had succumbed...

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