"One on One training is dead" - You may have heard it before. It has some merit but don't believe it entirely. (Plenty of people need some one on one training) However, semi private training is the best of both worlds. For you the gym goer it provides all the benefits that come with having training partners (and there are plenty). While simultaneously cutting the cost of training significantly without drastically cutting your face to face time with your trainer.

With group sizes kept to single figures, we've made sure the ability for the trainer to correct form ensuring minimal risk of injury, explain exercises in depth & programme partner based finishers are all top priority. If you haven't tried this style of training before, there is a reason it's fast becoming the most popular training choice.

Price Structure

One Session per week

Pick any session to attend.

$25.00 p/w

Any Two Sessions per week

This is the minimum we recommend for anyone looking for sustainable results.

$50.00 p/w

Unlimited Sessions per week

The best way to make sustainable headaway with your health.

$69.00 p/w

Full Time Students

Any 3 sessions a week

$50.00 p/w

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