Tour Professional Package

As a professional golfer remaining injury free & maintaining club head speed is crucial.

From players such as Phil, Rory, Scotty & JD, they all do weekly golf strength & conditioning programmes.

Our specific golf programme covers every base you need to give you the best opportunity to be in the hunt on Sunday.

Here is a complete list of the services included;

2 Weekly Strength & Conditioning Sessions

Each week you have 2 personal strength & conditioning sessions with a coach with an exercise degree.

These sessions are focused on making you not only a better athlete but an injury free golfer.

These sessions are purely based upon your individual goals.

We will work with you to find 2 suitable times for you to train.

Programmed Nutrition

Is your nutrition hurting your scores?

Do you know how often to eat on the course?

What to eat on the course?

We provide nutrition information not only for intra round play but also before tee off, post round & training weeks.

Never underestimate nutritions ability to make you a better athlete.

Prescribed warms ups & recoveries

Warm ups & recoveries are individually assessed & prescribed. These include range sessions & rounds.

Access to your trainer via phone, email or text

Communication is important. That's why you'll have full access to your trainer for any questions relating to nutrition, training, warms up, recovery or injuries.

Expert help on planning your training schedule

This includes managing your training to minimise injuries & injury risk.

Should your programme be whole-body days or a split programme?

How do your gym days affect your range days?

Access to golf articles & training guides

Once on board with this package you'll be added to our group of like minded golfers that have access to & discuss articles & guides to improve your physique, mental approach & recovery. 

Supplied gym sessions for travel weeks

We totally understand tour pro's travel & won't be with us every week. On the weeks you travel, we'll provide you with fully explained & easy to understand programmes to do in hotel rooms or gyms while you're away. We will also give you all the equipment you need to complete these programmes from trigger balls, exercise bands & foam rollers.

QLD Open Recovery

For the week of the QLD open you'll have access to your trainer with full recovery methods & practices. Including but not limited to; ice baths, nutrition, pool work, triggering & mobility work. 

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Non Travel Weeks

$200.00 p/week

Travel Weeks

$50.00 p/week

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