"How much gym work does a golfer really need? I mean it isn't the most physically challenging sport."

This is a standard conversation I have with non golfers & or golfers who are unaware of the athletic transfer to the golf game from a properly designed gym programme.

Make no mistake that golf is a sport that requires;

Strength - Power - Flexibility - Mobility - Balance - Core Stability - Body Awareness  - Endurance

Not to mention the protocols we teach athletes around; 

Nutrition - Recovery - Warm up - Injury management

Did you know that an increase in club head speed by 24% results in a handicap improvement of 4 strokes?

What about the fact that according to Hosea (1990), amateur golfers place more lumbar stress on their backs than professionals making low back injuries the number one in golf.

Whether you are a tour professional, an up & coming young golfer or even a weekend warrior. Your golf (& your body) will improve from training with us.


Matt with world number #1 Jason day, post workout in Columbus, Ohio, USA.